November 20th, 2017, 12:30 pm

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EmmaVieceli, November 20th, 2017, 8:38 am     Reply

uh-ohhhhhh - good old Father connections, eh? Except that Cort's is nowhere to be seen and Ian's is in jail - so what's the connection there? And is Cortland glad that Ian apparently didn't hear that last comment? Yes, yet more to discover in the slow, teasing path that is BREAKS XD But I promise you, by the end of this current issue, dynamics in the kids will have changed. And by the end of the next issue - a whole lot of history will become clear. There is a light at the end of the suspense tunnel ^_^

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sstogner1, November 20th, 2017, 12:39 pm     Reply

Okay, did Ian's dad run an illegal fighting ring...and Cort's dad got mixed up in it and maybe got killed or did Cort get mixed up because of his dad and maybe he killed someone and his dad took the wrap...or someone owed money to someone and people died...am I getting warm? <G>

EmmaVieceli, November 20th, 2017, 12:51 pm     Reply

@sstogner1: woah! warm enough (at least to one thread of the story) that you must stop guessing in public now, haha! :D x

Hawkflame, November 20th, 2017, 1:04 pm     Reply

If I were Cortland i would suggest Ian and him have a romantic night out he needs to de-stress...where they would go I don't know i would just make the suggestion

Auldr, November 20th, 2017, 1:47 pm     Reply

The last panel gives the next plot twist away. Ian is an alien lizard man with his tongue tasting the air wondering when he can finally devour Courtland. That explains the snake motifs we see on all the pages as well.

Unfortunately for me (and probably all of you) I cannot not see this now. I'm sorry, Emma.

sstogner1, November 20th, 2017, 1:53 pm     Reply

@EmmaVieceli: lol, okay...but I deserve a cookie ;)

sstogner1, November 20th, 2017, 1:54 pm     Reply

@Auldr: OMG! I see it too!!! Once you do you can never unsee it! <G>

portisHeart, November 20th, 2017, 3:18 pm     Reply

aaah, Ian's father knows about Cort's dad.. not necessarily about his boxer career nor the incident.. interesting. with all the skeletons those two's families have in their closets, you could build your own catacombs.

also, Ian's dad and his calling a heist or whatever it was "providing" for his family gives flexibility in vocabulary a whole new meaning XD

EmmaVieceli, November 21st, 2017, 5:33 am     Reply

@Hawkflame: That would be nice...they're definitely going SOMEWHERE ;)

EmmaVieceli, November 21st, 2017, 5:33 am     Reply

@Auldr: Oh...my...gods, hahahha!!!! I've just seen it. Oh, man. What have you done? hahahah XD

EmmaVieceli, November 21st, 2017, 5:33 am     Reply

@sstogner1: All the cookies :) x

EmmaVieceli, November 21st, 2017, 5:34 am     Reply

@sstogner1: aaaargh, cannot unseeeeeee!

EmmaVieceli, November 21st, 2017, 5:34 am     Reply

@portisHeart: The Tanner and Hunt catacombs would be mighty indeed!

chaos-of-vinnie, November 26th, 2017, 2:53 pm     Reply

What are the chances of Courtland being the reason Ian's dad is in jail? Like as in Courtland couldn't control his temper and beat the shit out of his opponent causing Ian's dad to loose, owe lots of money or something and end up in jail?
Interesting that he actually seems to know court's pops :)

cherish.york, November 28th, 2017, 2:06 pm     Reply

Courtland's look is priceless. Woooooah!