February 20th, 2017, 12:03 pm

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EmmaVieceli, February 20th, 2017, 12:03 pm     Reply

How cool is this for a bonus page today? Malin and I took part in the Web Artist Swap Project this year, and Malin wrote this little script for Francesca Dare of Penny Blackfeather to draw for us. It fits in perfectly with Irena having just gone into the shop too! So before I dive in with the start of the next issue, I wanted to share this...Francesca Dare's BREAKS SWAP entry ^_^
View it and links at the site linked above!

Watch out for my own contribution to WASP, drawing Petitecreme's 'The Wastelands'.
What a fun project to be a part of - congrats all ^_^

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portisHeart, February 20th, 2017, 12:42 pm     Reply

LMAO XDDD @ last frame! ^^

sstogner1, February 20th, 2017, 1:14 pm     Reply

lol! She has a rep to protect :)

chaos-of-vinnie, February 20th, 2017, 2:37 pm     Reply

XDD pretty funny. I know how she feels. I work in retail too!

Aiyse, February 21st, 2017, 11:17 am     Reply

*LOL* I thought the reason she banned him would be him putting things in places where they didn't belong..
but that ended up even funnier! *L*

Twinss R., February 21st, 2017, 1:41 pm     Reply

Yeap, this is totally in-character. Very funny too. XD